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KC Questions


New pictures of Mercury



A good picture

What is MESSENGER finding out?

Mr. Gordon tells about MESSENGER

Fast Facts


What we want to know!

Tylor: Does MESSENGER have batteries?  How does it get power?

Chris:  Can you fit everything you need into a probe the size of a Volkswagen?

Morgan:  When is it coming back to Earth? Is it coming back?

Cloie: What is MESSENGER made of?

Owen and Cloie:   How can it stay so close to the sun's heat without burning up or exploding?

Natalie:  Why is Mercury 800 degrees in the day, and -300 degrees at night?

Molly: How long did it take to build MESSENGER?

Caleb: When MESSENGER is on the dark side, can it still get solar power?

Hannah:  How many pictures can MESSENGER take? 

Ryan: Do the wings turn or move?

Tylor: How did they put a computer on MESSENGER?

Owen; Do we control the probe from here, or is it running on its own now?

Morgan: Are the pictures in color?  or is Mercury really black and white?

Josh: How long will MESSENGER be near Mercury?

Bailee;  Why haven't any people gone to Mercury yet?

Mrs. K:  Mr. Gordon:  are you as excited now that you're there?

Ryan: Is there a real robot in MESSENGER?

Natalie: How many people did it take to build MESSENGER?

Molly and Ryan:  How tiny is the battery and the camer in MESSENGER?

Caleb: Why  is it taking pictures if there's nothing going on on Mercury?

Ryan & Bailee: How long is the probe?

Molly: How long are the wings?

Owen:  How intelligent is the probe?

Tylor: How big is Mercury?

Morgan & Cloie: Is it doing anything besides taking pictures?  Is it taking samples?

Natalie: Why did MESSENGER go to Mercury? 

Owen:  Is Mercury a dwarf planet like Pluto?

Mrs. K:  Why is it named MESSENGER? Is it an acronym?

Hannah:  How old is MESSENGER now?

Morgan: Are there any other probes going to other planets?

Natalie: Why did it take so long to get to Mercury, if it could get to the zoo in one second?








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