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Tech Playground

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Technology Playground

Web 2.0 Tools:  write back at ya!




  • web-based, interactive, collaborative, can be customized and personalized.
  • Instead of paying for software, everything is online, and often free!
  • Examples include podcasting, blogging, wikis, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, interactive maps, picture sharing, surveys...and more.
  • There are literally thousands of examples now.


Web 2.0 Tools


NYS ELA:  "Students will listen, speak, read, and write for information and understanding, for literary response and expression,  for critical analysis and evaluation, and for social interaction.



Focus on four tools today:


interactive text (wikis and blogs):  PBWiki

talking back (podcasts and webcasts)  VoiceThread & Glogster

keeping track of stuff:  iGoogle homepage








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